Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Driveby posting: sticking to the essentials

Has it only been three weeks since we left the hospital after that MRI, dazed and afraid? Has it been three weeks already? In that time, we have careened from one scary and confusing diagnosis to another. So much to process, while trying to balance the need for joy and love and hope. For just staying in the moment. Perhaps I'll find the time and energy soon to update you all, though this absence has been nourishing. We are keenly focused on the essentials, on letting bliss triumph. There is a lot of it.

For now, I just wanted to let you all know how grateful we are for your continued thoughts and energy sent this way. To tell you that we are hanging in there, H and I; that we are doing more in fact. We are laughing and savouring; there is much excitement and anticipation amid the tears. This kid is a rockstar, she is determined, and she is on her way! At 24 weeks today, we've entered that mystical land of viability. It feels kind of like a milestone worth celebrating.

I am touched by your kindness friends, and especially by those who continue to reach out to me during my self-imposed silence. My thanks also to the kind, unknown soul who recently included my blog on LFCA. Each day when I have flagged in my strength, when my optimism has wearied, one of you has been there to lift me a little, to encourage me onward, to make me feel less alone and to remind me of the beauty that surrounds us.

If the sheer strength of collective goodwill streaming from across the globe might be enough to heal and nurture, this little girl will soar with flying colours. She will.

Sticking to the essentials.