Friday, 4 September 2015

Eating my words and exiting stage left

'While infertility and loss will always be a part of who I am and are crucial to my parenting journey, the version of me residing in these posts doesn't reflect where I am with life right now'.
'This space has become like any other mommy blog, and that's not who I am/the world doesn't really need another one of those'.

'I always felt compelled to write from a place of sadness/grief/anger/<fill-in-the-negative-emotion>, and with things going well, I struggle to find the motivation to record meaningful thoughts'.

'Life is so full, busy and happy, that I simply don't find the time to write, and even if I do, I worry that my posts are trite or frivolous'. 

'I'm not sure how maintaining this space can be a source of support to others still actively pursuing treatment/living children/resolution'.

'I feel like almost everyone from my 'cohort' of ALI folks, those who supported me in the depths of my struggle, has (happily!) graduated to parenting living children'.

In two year of lurking on ALI blogs, and nearly three (!) of keeping this space myself, I have heard variations of all the above, the inevitable soul-searching and musing on wither the ALI blog after living kids.

And here's a confession: reading any of those, in days past, used to make my stomach constrict and then lurch. I felt abandoned, betrayed even. Left behind. When I was stuck knee deep in my own misery, I wanted only the company referenced in that the old chestnut. I needed an invite to the grand pity party. I didn't want and wasn't able to hear about your full lives, your happy babies and growing children, your peace with your current selves.

But now? Now, I get it. In the cycle of things that sees us all pass through numerous seasons, I've become that blogger who used to make me cringe with pain to behold.

And so, this blog has reached (some while ago, in truth) the end of its natural existence, or perhaps it's fair to say I've grown beyond this blog. That growing was hard, it was often horrible, it was some of the most arduous emotional work of my adult life. In fact, only a fraction of that devastation even made it onto the blog.

But now, here we are. I'm ready to eat my words and bow out gracefully, happily, if belatedly.


There's another point, a small vanity that has kept me from this space in recent months: while I began writing simply to pour out the emotions that roiled within me, quite soon it allowed me to experience the catharsis that came with a well-worded description. When I found a resonant or beautiful phrase to describe my pain, when I landed on an apt analogy to articulate my emotions, it calmed and healed me. When others said that my writing gave them that catharsis, resonated, or validated what they were experiencing, I felt a sense of pride in my ability to abide with you. Pride and accomplishment in the person that this admittedly often shitty journey forced me to become.

Right now, I simply don't have the time or headspace to write in a way that gives me that sense of calm or pride or accomplishment. (I've written exactly one post in all of 2015 that I feel meets these standards.) And truth be told, maybe I derive those things elsewhere right now.

So yeah, things have gotten quiet here, not only in terms of my posting, but also with visitor traffic. I can't blame you; what reason is there to visit, really?

I still have many things to say - about motherhood after loss, about what Girl Wonder is teaching me every day, about parenting, disability, and advocacy, but also, again, about things which fired my passions long before babies were a blip on my radar: politics and social justice and travel and global living. And of course, tea and Star Trek and finding my bliss. But I think all that's for another day and another space. (If you'd like to keep following my meanderings on that journey, or just want to keep in touch, leave a comment or drop me an email. I'd hate to lose these connections!)


After S died, I remember reading somewhere that the two most comforting words in the English language are me too.

Blogging showed me the truth of that sentiment. Like a beacon in the darkest of hours, you reached out to me. You were there too. You understood. And so we commiserated, simultaneously drinking in, from the tiniest, far-flung corners of the earth, our respective cups of tea/wine/tears. Our paths crossed and diverged and crossed again. 

Blogging, reaching out to others and having them reciprocate, made me feel less alone. It - and you - helped me to laugh and cry and remember and forget. Made me brave. Made me grateful. Made me smile. Made me, in part, the woman I am right now.

To all the sentiments you've shared; all the pieces of your hearts; your deepest secrets; your inner crazy and your outer coping; your anger, your fear, your hope; your gestures of friendship and compassion; the lessons you've learned; your insecurities and affirmations; the resilience you've built and the joys you've discovered; your love.

To all these things you've shared, I say only this: Thank you friends. Me too.


  1. Aw! I'll miss you! And hearing about girl wonder!! Take care blogger friend. And take all my very best wishes on your path ahead!
    Karen (follower for years)

  2. I'm sorry that you are leaving, but understand. If you do continue writing somewhere else I would love to continue reading! Best wishes for the years ahead!

    nonsequiturchica at gmail

  3. I do! Leave your email on my blog and I'll email you ... It's my personal account!

  4. Sad to see you go, but totally understandable.

  5. I will miss you, but I definitely understand. Best wishes on everything.

  6. Your writing is some of the most beautiful I have read in the bloggy world. So I'll miss that, but maybe you'll surface again in another venue. I can be reached at torthuil (at) gmail dot com. I also do the Facebook thing, although without any great enthusiasm :-D

  7. I agree with Turtle - you are a beautiful writer. You and I share a lot of common interests so I'd love to read if you decide to write again. Please let me know if you do :)

  8. I love your writing and will miss it. If you decide to start a different blog, let me know. I would love to hear about Girl Wonder as she grows and thrives. All the best,
    Mira (from glow) vdmircheva at yahoo

  9. Please shoot me an email so we can stay in touch!
    KimberlyQKim at gmail dot com
    Love, no good eggs

  10. I am sad to see you leave this space. I think your writing is beautiful and I've connected with many of the things you've written. I would love to follow you elsewhere.

  11. Me too. I can relate to so much of what you say here, and I keep thinking what to do with my own blog, for the same reasons. But then again I feel there are more things I would like to say, if only I could find the time to write a coherent, let alone cathartic post...
    I'd love to stay in touch. You have my email. Sending much love south. Maybe we'll manage that playdate one day :)

  12. Wishing you well. I certainly recognise the reasons why you kept writing, the cathartic nature of it, and the positive feelings when you realise your words help others. I'm so glad you had that.

    If you do start a new blog, make sure you participate in #MicroblogMondays. That way, we can find you again.

  13. Sending all our best wishes to you and your family, I hope life is now treating you all well and happiness is plentiful. Sorry I managed to lose touch with your blog, life is sometimes more eventful than we could ever have imagined :) x

  14. Hey Sadie! Thanks for stopping by my blog... I never really get the chance to write anymore or connect with other bereaved mamas. I hope you are doing well and enjoying every second with that precious little girl of yours! Please keep in touch if you have the time... my email is <3 ~Catherine

  15. so much love to you, my friend.

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