Monday, 1 December 2014

#Microblog Mondays: Masterpieces

We arrived here just in time for the Long Night of the Museums, a city-wide cultural event in which with a single ticket you can visit dozens of museums and galleries which remain open until the wee hours on that particular night. This city is world renowned for its museums, one of the perks we hope Girl Wonder will benefit from in her upbringing here, and since our forays into gallery space have proven a surprising hit with her so far, we decided to give it a go. Besides, we were still twiddling our thumbs waiting out the arrival of all our worldly possessions in heaps of boxes, and the chaos that ensued for many days thereafter - so why not pass the time so pleasantly?

We chose to start out with a trip to the planetarium, hit the architectural jewel in the crown of the city's Art Nouveau, check out some surrealist and symbolist paintings in one of the galleries, and finally finish at the natural history museum's anthropological collections. The evening was a mixed bag for Girl Wonder: the planetarium was an unsurprising hit, with its sparkly, swirling projection of the universe keeping her immersed and quiet for a full 25 minutes; she kind of liked the works of Gustav Klimt - again, sparkly and shiny and larger than life - but then slept through a whole gallery of Miros as well as the paleolithic art at the Natural History Museum.

And as for me? I have to confess, as much as I enjoyed the artistic orgy, I couldn't keep my eyes off our own little Wonder and her reactions to so many new stimuli. It's a cliché containing an inherent truth that seeing things through her eyes, experiencing them with her for the first time is a whole new revelation, making this jaded traveller wide-eyed all over again.

The wonders of the cosmos, the evolution of humankind, the luminescent cannon of art history from the stone age until the last century could do nothing to distract from our own little masterpiece.

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  1. Some of the best times as a parent is the introduction of new (especially art and science) to my once little onces. The wonder of them as they wonder over the world around them,win-win.

  2. This is such a sweet post!

  3. Very sweet -- I also sometimes find myself watching the kids vs. watching the movie/art/performance/etc. I did that yesterday at the movie theater.

    Long Night of the Museums is such a good idea. A lot of our museums are free, but I wonder if the paid ones hold something like that.

  4. The planetarium! I haven't thought about this and how amazing it would be. This sounds like a wonderful experience and I'm so glad you have Girl Wonder with you to give you a different point of view on these wonders.

  5. Sounds a little bit like Nuit Blanche here in Toronto (as well as other cities around the world). I would love something like that. :)


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