Monday, 2 December 2013

Tiny triumphs

1) Yesterday when I updated on the hourly daily pregnancy count, I shaved a day off without even realizing it. I cheated myself of one hard-earned day of pregnancy! 13w5d today (and not, as I reported in my last post, 4). The fact that I could casually forget the day-to-day pregnancy count that has been sustaining me through these breath-holding, nerve-wracking early weeks feels to me like concrete evidence that I'm not only coping with the crazy, I'm even dwelling in moments of natural calm. It looks like hope. <happy little victory dance>

We were sitting in bed last night, indulging in our new nightly baby-bonding ritual of reading a page from our day-to-day pregnancy guide (finally purchased last week in a leap of faith [and can I just add here that, nice as this nightly ritual is, it's disappointing to see how many pregnancy books sideline the dad almost completely. I know us ladies are the ones with the bodily experiences, but still...]), checking up on little seedling's progress, when H pointed out my mistake.

Only 184 days to go! Not that anyone's counting.

2) And speaking of said pregnancy guide, I now have it on good authority that my episodes of weird, nocturnal noise-making can indeed be blamed on pregnancy. Ha! Totally legit.

* This post has no accompanying image. Why? Because, DON'T EVER DO A GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH FOR 'PREGNANCY COUNTDOWN', even, like me, in a facetious way. Seriously, it will make you want to gag.


  1. Yayyy!! I agree, the Dads get sidelined far too much during the pregnancy. I know they have prenatal books for Dads too though, which is pretty cool.

    So glad to hear things are going well in your countdown :)

  2. Dads definite do, they usually write separate books for them but they don't do the day by day or week by week thing usually. I don't think they expect guys to be that into it, I guess... not the little things anyway, since everyone always talks about how it's so abstract for them until the baby is born (which is obviously a WIDE generalization).

    Yay for that extra day!

  3. This post makes me smile Sadie! Congratulations - 13 wks 5 days is an awesome milestone and I am celebrating right along with you! I'm glad to read that you and H have started establishing routines to bond with your little Buddha!

  4. Could not agree more on the dads being sidelined - this has been C's constant cry throughout the last 9 months. The photos on baby gear - all moms. The books? All geared toward moms with little shout-outs to dad every 50 pages "Dad tip: appear engaged and not like a total buffoon since we assume that's what you are." It's ridiculous and antiquated.

    But I digress: you are nearly 14 everloving weeks! Congrats, Sadie. This is so, so very exciting. Can't wait to keep following.

  5. Yay, almost 14 weeks. I am so, so happy.

  6. I am sure it doesn't seem that way to you, but wow, time flies! Almost 14 weeks already! Yay!

  7. I'm glad you're enjoying a little pregnancy ritual. That's wonderful. Congrats on your progress.


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