Monday, 10 November 2014

#Microblog Mondays: Amateur hour

We're unpacking boxes, some of which, given our vagabond ways of days past, have been in storage forever.

She'll soon be into that, my mother - here for a week to help us settle in - says gleefully. (I suspect she's seeking karmic retribution for my hellian toddler ways.)

But she may have a point. Much as it, erm...made me feel stabby frustrated me when smugly pointed out by the rampantly fertile in days past, there's probably lots we don't yet appreciate about the tangible, hardcore realities of having a kid around the house. Not yet.

Before, we could casually, unthinkingly arrange our home with purely aesthetic considerations in mind; display the many treasured items from our travels and adults-only lifestyle of days past. Beautiful, breakable objets d'art. Books with thousands of fascinating, tear-able pages. A universe of off-limits delights for tiny, exploring hands and mouths...  

As first time parents, we slid in under the wire. We are old. But still, we're relative amateurs. We have so much still to learn, (a prospect that excites rather than daunts).

It's true; she'll be into everything and wreaking havoc before we know what hit us.

And that'll be the happiest loss of property I can possibly imagine.

Strictly upper shelf stuff from here on in.

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  1. I love your books! We could totally be friends in real life :)

    1. Ha! These are 'work books'. My leisure shelf would look very different! But I have to agree, all very interesting... :)

  2. Ah, bookshelves...M loves pulling all the books off! whether they are his books or ours :)

  3. We gave our boy the bottom shelf of books and so far he's done pretty good at keeping his hands on those only. Sure we've had a few times that he has grabbed one of our books, but with a watchful eye and talking to him about it, nothing has been destroyed. He's just over 2yr at the moment.

    Kids learn pretty quickly how to treat stuff, for the most part. ;) In any case, it will be fun!

  4. Ha -- we left everything at their level but told them not to touch. Both are so into rules that they loved that. They spent all day pointing at things and saying, "no touch!" So it could go either way.

  5. Same with Mel above - we kept a lot out but we tucked a lot away too… but Moonbeam loves pointing to off-limit things and shaking her finger and head simultaneously while saying "no no no no". Makes me laugh every time!

    Good luck with the baby proofing! It comes in stages, so decorate away… anything that we don't want drawn over with crayon or stuffed with play dough/apple cores/socks/sandwich crusts gets put away on an as-needed basis!

  6. Thanks for all the insights and tips!

    I guess this post was not so much about the practicalities of how to babyproof a home as it was an abstract reflection on the impact Girl Wonder is having on our lives, and the sometimes unexpected joys that is bringing with it. We'd trade all the pages in all our books for her presence! Not that I'm necessarily imagining we'll have to...


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