Monday, 17 November 2014

#Microblog Mondays: Relative values

 Translation: A cigarette shortens your life by eight minutes. A day of work shortens your life by eight hours.

Unlike their industrious Germanic neighbours in that economic powerhouse to the west, the denizens of this city are not known for embracing a strong work ethic. It's probably fair to say they're more embracing of an eat, drink, smoke and be merry oh-alright-I'll-begrudgingly-crack-the-merest-hint-of-a-smile-but-only-under-duress approach to life. (They're not known for their merry nature either.)

Yeah, sounds about right.

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  1. I'll have to remember that! Right now I am grateful for the eight hours of air conditioned coolness work brings- I am sure it's extending my life!

  2. The only thing I miss about my job is the clients. I always found it interesting meeting people from different countries. Sometimes the serious ones were my favourite! I work with a girl from Romania and sometimes the clients from DRC thought she was mad at them and she couldn't figure out why because she was just speaking to them normally! Hahaha....

    1. Ha! I love that anecdote! But yeah, similar culture area to the one we currently inhabit, so I think I can relate to those poor guys from DRC ;)

      (Also, I'm pretty sure you and I work(ed) in very similar fields...)

  3. Ha! Sounds like the exact opposite of anywhere I have ever lived.

  4. You must be rocking the boat with the cherry Canadian/English tendencies :)

  5. Laughed over the sign.

    I know, the signs around here would be "Be careful: a cigarette break will shorten your 18-hour work day by 5 minutes."

  6. This made me smile. And you have no idea how much I needed this message today.

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