Monday, 3 August 2015

#Microblog Mondays: La dolce vita

We recently what already seems like far too long ago returned from a family holiday in Italy. I've always thought that it's pretty much impossible not to have a wonderful time in Italy and this visit was no exception.

It was special for the very important reason that it was our first family holiday of course, but  after the craziness of the last year it was also wonderful just to shut off, spend lots of time surrounded by nature and just lolling the days away.

We hiked through olive groves and vineyards to alpine lakes of impossible turquoise waters. We sat on terraces overlooking heavenly scenery, sipping Hugos. We bobbed along the Grand Canal with the throngs, gawping at the Venetian splendor. We meandered through markets concocting the perfect picnic of fruits and wines and salami. (Well, the abundance of pictures - too hard to choose! - below can show you better than I can...)

And for her part, Girl Wonder loooved Italy. The gelato and swimming in the lake, sure, but really it was the Italian people who my daughter, shameless flirt outgoing little soul that she is, held as the true object of her affection. And Italy loved her right back. Italian is a beautiful language to begin with, but the excess of flowery epithets they reserve for the description of beautiful babies is stunning.

Mia cara! They would throw open their arms to her in exaggerated awe.

Bella piccolina!

Che dolce bambina!

Bellissima piccola signorina!

Mia cuore! And so on...Waiters and hotel clerks and bus drivers and old ladies walking their dogs; they would descend on her with kisses and caresses and an endless list of gushing superlatives. (It made a change from the environment in these parts.) And Girl Wonder lapped it right up. And yes, that last one translates as 'my heart'. I said gushing, didn't I? They rolled out the red carpet for us her.
It's a country that not only defines la dolce vita, but really includes families and children in what is often viewed as a very adult concept; and I think it's this that makes the culture seem so exuberant and happy. Seriously, if you're looking for a baby-friendly family destination...just go. Unless you're one of those people with (what I always think of as very North American) personal space issues, especially surrounding your offspring being hijacked by enamoured waiters and paraded around the terrace. Then you might find it all a bit over the top.  



  1. Gorgeous pics! So glad it was a great trip.

  2. You're totally right; it is hard not to have a good time in Italy. I think how cultures (and individuals) treat people of all ages speaks volumes.

  3. Oh my sounds like the perfect family holiday!! Love the pictures. :)

  4. What a lovely vacation!!!! Glad Girl Wonder had such an amazing experience.

  5. Oh, GORGEOUS. Such a beautiful vacation, thanks for sharing a little digital slice!

  6. Ah, looks like a lovely vacation! I, however, would be one if those uptight North Americans who would bristle at anyone getting too friendly with my girl. I'm working on it.... Good thing Girl Wonder seems to adore the attention!

  7. Aw, it looks wonderful! "And Italy loved her right back" is a beautiful description. Up here people don't tend to be as outgoing, but they love and respond to SB's smiles regardless :)


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