Sunday, 8 September 2013

Love everyone even if they are weird, and other bits of Blogger wisdom

It's been quite a week and on this beautiful Sunday morning, with the house still quiet, I'm stealing a few minutes for blogging and to catch my breath before it all starts again.

I've been back and forth and back again to our clinic for yet more data collection; not only the stupidly, insensitively administered bloodwork, but also my first antral follicle count. Result (on day five): 16 follicles - 11 on the left and 5 on the lazy, underachieving right. I was told that this was 'great' <quote> for a woman my age, which is always a reassuring phrase to have appended to any health assessment. No matter; my own data collection - the nerd/control freak in me is incapable of processing any of this information without triangulating findings via an independently conducted literature review - found this count to be acceptable. ('Acceptable' versus 'great for a woman my age': you be the judge. Which of these do I cling to?) So until the next instalment we're all good.

I also started my new job this week, and am remembering both how great it feels to be a highly functioning, contributing member of society and how little time that leaves for fun stuff like obsessing about the state of my uterus, control freakery in the form of infertility-related literature reviews, and general blogging shenanigans. All these new experiences have me more than a little reflective, and aching to release the narcissist in me record it all for the interwebs.

Alas, on my single day of relaxation this week affords, I'm off for a day of hiking on what is sure to be one of the last truly beautiful days of the dying summer. But because I don't like to report-and-run, and also because I've somehow just discovered the bizarrely fascinating world of Blogger stats and the list of keyword searches that led you good readerfolk to my tiny corner of the blogosphere, I leave you with an annotated selection of some of my favorites:

1) how to be optimistic about infertility
 I'm flattered and amazed that anyone would think to attach this notion to my frequently nasty ramblings. But I'm working on it.

2) infertility+fuming
Yes, frequently. This seems more apt.

3) spring in ovaries
As in, 'spring in my step'? This one has a nice ring to it: 'with the wind at my back and a spring in my ovaries, I set off the face the world'.

4) love everyone even if they are weird
Indeed. Improbable and delightful as a search term leading to my humble blog, with a little adaptation this one offers a kind of zen wisdom for a multitude of scenarios faced by the ranting infertile. Self love: love everyone...even if they are barren and bitter. Stranger love: love everyone...even if they are pregnant. (You're allowed to laugh too.) Familial love: love everyone...even if they're full of ignorant-but-think-they're-helpful suggestions on how to conquer infertility.
I am oddly proud to have my blog associated with this one.

And finally, my personal favorite...

5) everything is going to be alright
Oh yes, I'd certainly like to think so. One way or another, it will. I have to believe that.

Weird but beautiful.


  1. Love this. Everything WILL be alright. That's why I love your blog, because you are always so positive and you live your life to the fullest instead of pinning every single one of your hopes & dreams on a BFP.

    Enjoy your last day of relaxation :)

  2. That sounds like decent AF count, no? Yes, everything will be alright. :)

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Yay for a good AFC! Things are moving along!

    I love these search terms! I usually get super weird ones (I guess I should love them anyway?) from people who seem to be looking for fetish porn. I'm pretty sure they end up sorely disappointed.

  4. So glad you are liking the new job! And enjoy your last day of summer hiking--it sounds heavenly. I consider that AFC to be strong. Hoping for good things in the exciting days ahead!

  5. These are amazing. I love them. You should feel really good about these particular search terms. They are joyous. Minus the one.

    Also, I don't know lots about this, but your AFC sounds really solid to me, friend. A very solid start, indeed.

  6. Oh that last photo is so happy :) Those search taglines are hilarious.

    I am hoping and crossing my fingers for you... it will be well!

    Enjoy the new job!

  7. I love the sentiment to love everyone even if they are a little weird... cause I think we are all a little weird sometimes.

    Love the search tag lines it prompted me to go look at mine and one was "ode to a patriarchs" what in the world lol.

  8. Last days of summer but oooh I do love those autumnal days that are coming, hope you are full of hope and wonder too.x

  9. Love lifts up everyone. Even us weirdos. :)


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