Tuesday, 22 January 2013

How is it possible...

...that during the holidays, when we took an official ttc break so I could relax and enjoy and not worry about all the indulgences (and let's face it, downright unhealthy levels of excess) or how they would effect my possible future babies-to-be, when I continued my conception prenatals but ditched all my other supplements...that then, I had a perfect, healthy cycle and plenty of 'the coveted clear and stretchy' cervical mucus? All dressed up and no place to go.

And now, when I'm back to diligently observing every morsel that passes my lips, and downing my evening primrose oil, my raspberry leaf tea and vitamins with the discipline of an Olympic athlete (to say nothing of post-coital, legs in the air acrobatics*)...no egg whites to be seen.


I'm sure there's some kind of lesson in here about the perils of hyper-vigilance and just relaxing already, which I guess I'm just too darn busy being hyper-vigilant to appreciate.

Edited to add: I may have over-reacted on this. All the stuff that was supposed to happen eventually did, and all the stuff we were supposed to do, we did. So, the wait begins...

* Just kidding, I don't really do that and haven't for ages. Is there anyone for whom this has actually worked?


  1. I am so glad you bought your blog to my attention. What a triumph it is to poke fun at this situation and to get a sly smile out of what is truly one of the most awful experiences one can have. I do feel on occasion that some of my wit might seem totally inapropriate in the circumstances to my close freinds but honestly if I didnt try & drag some smiles from my knackered body I would just plain give up. It is so heart warming to read your words, clever & funny & painfull all in one. To quote J.K Rowling “And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” Unquote:(I assure you its not taken from HarryPotter). THE ONLY WAY IS UP.
    P.s Should I be avoiding egg whites?????

  2. WTF is right! Go figure! What a great blog! I am stoked to follow you! Be sure to follow me and my crazy self at http://wherethebleepisourstork.blogspot.com/


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