Friday, 29 March 2013

Eggs and baby chicks and sugar: fertility symbols AND mass consumer delights

In addition to our Monday off, today is technically a bank holiday here in the UK, but there's still no rest for us academic saps the wicked, so today finds me banging away at the keyboard.

(Four day weekend you say? This is pretty much meaningless in our household, since weekends of any kind don't really exist for people in our field, who're likely to be found scrambling to meet our latest deadlines on any given Sunday.)

Anyway, today as I sought ways and means to studiously avoid the overdue article I should be writing puttered about the house, I came across this Easter treat. For the Girls fans among us (we seem to be inexplicably legion): enjoy.

And now if you'll excuse me as I go stuff my face with processed fluorescent coloured sugar in the shape of defenceless baby animals get back to work.

Have a lovely long weekend everyone, however you plan to spend it.


  1. Marshmallow nudity! The horror! (also, this is, as shoshana might say - amaze).

  2. Weird and hilarious. I can't use a Q-tip anymore without cringing! Have you seen "Sh*t Shosh Says," Season 2 edition? I love Shoshana so much.

  3. Haha that parody is funny. I was so sad the show ended. And I , like Shoshanna (she's totally my fave, Marnie comes second) am wondering about where Jessa is.
    I hope Easter, which was, originally a festival to celebrate Ishtar, godess of fertility in the Assyrian / Babylonian culture will work some magic on us. I made quiche, pancakes and eat tons of chocolate eggs.

  4. Huh. Funny that Shoshana has such a fan base. Personally, ('like' is totally the wrong word to describe my feelings towards any of these characters, but), I am kinda fascinated by Jessa. I think she left the show. However, I am happy to hear that the Elijah character is coming back, because I kinda love Andrew Rannels. Just heard they're cancelling The New Normal (boo!).


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