Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cute aggression: it's an actual thing

Now I have a perfectly logical explanation for my overwhelming desire to nibble on (oh, okay, bite) H, or one of my little brothers or nephews, when they've been particularly adorable.

Also, watch this video, which explains it all, and I guarantee you'll love all the people. All of them.

From now on - instead of my default whatifthebaby'snotOK?! reaction - I'm going to apply this theory whenever I get one of those scary cramps or twinges which (at nine weeks pregnant today!) keep coming: my uterus is just experiencing cute aggression when it thinks about little seedling. How could you not want to squeeze this?


  1. I keep getting scared too...I will think of cute aggression or just think of this post and smile. By the way, I am very aware of cute aggression--Adam practices it every day!

  2. No wonder I'm always trying to bite my husband! I do worry, though, that he will literally squeeze the cute right out of our future children. He's tried to do it to me more than a few times. As for seedling, how could your ute possibly resist the cuteness? And congrats on 9 weeks!


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