Tuesday, 12 February 2013

It's these moments

Does anyone else remember and love Fraggle Rock? It stands out for me as amongst the warm-fuzziest of memories from the brightly-coloured, warmly-lit kaleidoscope that was childhood as the kid of happy hippy parents who were themselves products of the idealistic 60s. I have a certain reverence for all things Muppet, and Fraggle Rock ranks high, with its ethos of 'friendship, being true to yourself, and learning to love those who are incredibly different'. Ah, a more innocent time, for the world and I both.

Anyway, today when leaving work I happened to glance at a low brick wall near the bus shelter and this caught my eye:

It's stuff like this that makes my day.

Holy mother, it was this amazing, skillfully rendered, Banksy-esque graffitied portrait of a Doozer! Is this not one of the coolest things on which you've ever laid eyes? (If you're not an avid Muppets fan - and let's face it, there may be few who possess the ardour I do - then don't answer). Pretty much right away, I wanted to find the person who did this and give them a great big hug. Honestly, for me it's random and quirky encounters like this that make my heart sing and the world seem brighter. It was a very unexpected, happy little moment that gave me the urge to run home and watch my whole Fraggle Rock backlog in one sitting.

And then it hit me, out of the blue, sidelong, like it always does.....It is these moments, the fun, magical little stuff that, seen through a child's eyes, is all the more so.....And oh, it's these moments that I want more than anything to share with a living child. My child.

Because man, would our kid be awesome and happy and cute. And man, would we be fun and cool and fabulous parents. We'd throw on the Fraggle tunes and shake be-diapered booty. Sigh.


  1. I remember that! You guys will be awesome parents!!

  2. Oh how I loved Sprocket. When your next child comes along, you will clearly fill it with joy every moment of its life. The time will come.X

  3. I love/hate those moments. You will be amazing parents!

  4. I too LOVED Fraggle Rock. Isn't it great when we can find small moments of joy in the everyday?


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