Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Well, I'm glad I asked then!

In all the recent excitement about presents and awards and wondrous surprises, both random and rather more expected, I have completely overlooked the report on my last doctor's appointment. (Because the internet provides me nothing if not the folly that other peoples' thoughts besides my own spin around the state of my cervix). But well, really, that's also because there's not much to tell. Nonetheless, read and rage with me a moment, won't you?

So I made it to my GP's office (because in this land of NHS referrals you don't get the opportunity to speak directly to a specialist and just ask the straightforward question pertaining to the procedure you're due to have in a mere five - ok, three now - weeks) to discuss the relationship of the surprise discovery during my recent cervical exam to this current cycle.

We're at a new(ish) practice, and you get seen by whoever's on that day, and our conversation with that day's whoever (because honestly, I had trouble believing that her medical qualifications were earned anyplace but the DeVry Institute of Technology*) can be summarized as follows:

Any number of questions I had...

Could this polyp, and not, as I had been told, my miscarriage last August, account for my wonky cycles the last several months?

Do they often materialize that quickly? (Remembering my HSG and uncountable pelvic exams in the last six months)

Will this jeapordize our ttc attempts for the coming cycle?

If we were to become pregnant, could it put the pregnancy at risk?

...were met with a stock answer:

'Again, I really don't know. That's something you'll have to ask the specialist'. In a mere five three weeks. After this cycle has come and gone. Seriously, I've never heard such a continous string of 'I don't knows'.

So yeah, that happened. Thanks for comin' out folks.

The good news is that the results from the original smear test came back normal, meaning there is almost certainly nothing of concern with regards the polyp itself. That was really scary, so...Phew. I'm still hoping ('cause hope springs eternal) to get some insight into how this may be implicated in (and potentially even resolve) our struggles to conceive over the last months. But - as I've been reminded again and again by my caregivers (let's use the term loosely) - that will have to wait.

So I'm hoping, in the coming days and weeks** for more little surprises, or at least shiny things, to keep me busy.

Feel like I'm hitting one. Source.

* If you actually earned any of your degrees there, and are reading this...Well, sorry.

**Because there's also that other, more familiar kind of waiting just around the corner.


  1. Three more weeks till the specialist? his is no doubt testing your patience! It will be totally worth it if it helps you get to the bottom of things though!!

  2. How incredibly frustrating. Hope you get some real answers once you finally see the specialist.

  3. That's completely ridiculous and people not understand how cycling *works*? (Sigh. No. Not even health professionals. Or at least not DeVry ones. ;)) That must be irritating beyond belief. :(

  4. Grrr. That's so frustrating. How can a so-called medical professional know so absolutley little about anything?!


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