Friday, 31 May 2013

I'm taking my ovaries and I'm leaving

Bright and early tomorrow we'll be on a plane bound for Helsinki, from where we catch a ferry to Tallinn, and the adventure begins. All I can say is: bring it.

H and I have made a promise that for these weeks, there will be no discussion of babies, or jobs or The Future. (And if we manage to pull that off for three whole weeks, I'll be sure to let you all in on the secret on our return.) We've been talking and planning and researching, and now it's time for a rest. And lots of play.


But first, just to get it all out of my system, I was able to arrange an impromptu update appointment with the RE yesterday when we went to pick up copies of test results and kind of strategically and annoyingly positioned ourselves in the line of oncoming traffic at the clinic reception until the nurse forced the doctor to make time for us. We have to wait almost until the end of July for the real, What's Next? appointment (I sort of feel like they think maybe if they just don't mention it, we'll, like, forget about the IVF stuff or something. Frustrating). Still, I guess this briefest of briefings was informative in its way. To wit: we are both still perfectly normal, perfectly healthy; still can't make babies though.

H was disappointed with his 'entirely normal' semen analysis, hoping that it might provide the means for us to jump the queue, as it were. No such luck. (As an aside, while the results of my bloodwork and ultrasounds are always just a phone call away, and I always ask for specific numbers when calling, SA results appear to be highly classified. We must have called five times, given the run-around, before finally being told H could pick up printed copies, so long as he came in person and with ID; and in the end we still don't have the actual numbers. Just cursory - and condescending, if you ask me - note saying 'entirely normal'.  Why is this? I ask myself. Are these results a national secret? Do they play a role in MI5's future counter-terrorism strategy? Do they hold the answer to the climate crisis? Seriously, what gives?). So yes, entirely normal. Still can't make babies though. 

I, apparently, 'ovulated beautifully' this month. Your Day 21 progesterone was 69 this cycle!, the doctor said in a more-enthusiastic-than-strictly-necessary, whoa-ho-ho get a load of those numbers! way that was slightly disconcerting. So I'm a stellar ovulator with beautiful ovaries. Good for me, I guess...? Still can't make babies though.

He also had an explanation for the weird, pre-cycle bleeding I've been having the last few months. He thinks it's the low dose aspirin that Dr B prescribed (with the aim of both facilitating potential implantation and reducing the risk of miscarriage should we conceive). Seems reasonable, and puts my thoughts at rest. That's something at least.


On Wednesday, after returning to the kitchen for second third helpings of dinner, having already stuffed my face with a (highly uncharacteristic) bacon sandwich at breakfast, H confessed his hopefulness. Maybe you're...?

Uh, no...just gluttonous and indulging in mood eating, methinks.

Still, it's nice to have an occasional excuse and yet have the behaviour indulgently, lovingly gazed at, all dewy eyed, by my husband.


I may get a chance to pop in and catch up with all your blogs during the time H is at his workshop, even if I don't get time to post or comment. Please watch this space!

Now if you'll excuse me, my beautifully ovulating ovaries and I have a plane to catch.

Up, up and away.  Source.


  1. I hope you and your ovaries have a wonderful time. Sounds like a perfect getaway and adventure!

  2. 69 is a pretty great number for progesterone. Strange about the difficulty in getting the sperm test results - we had my husband's randomly sent to our house. It is so frustrating when there is no explaination and everything seems so normal or, sometimes even better than normal.
    Enjoy your break and I really hope your husband is right about the bacon. Sometimes they are, you know.

  3. Have a great trip and take lots of pictures!

  4. Sorry that you had so much trouble getting H's numbers. I find it so strange that different clinics have different standards of communication. Our clinic puts everything their patient portal website. I log in with my secure username/password and can see EVERYTHING including follicle size, lining thickness and Jon's numbers.

    I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time on your trip and I look forward to reading about it!!

  5. Hope you have a fantastic trip and forget all about baby making for a short time.

  6. Enjoy your baby-and-job-talk-less getaway! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!

  7. Have an amazing time and do your best to keep your mind and conversations off of all the stressful stuff!

  8. What gives with the high security around the SA? Seriously, I would ask your RE. That seems a bit weird.

    Unexplained is so frustrating. Especially when they assume that no news is automatically a good thing. Hang in there. And enjoy your much deserved vacation!!!

  9. Enjoy your holiday, so so much.
    I get you so much on the frustration, we also "seem" healthy/ fine/ normal on paper, but where is the baby then?
    At our new clinic the doctors are also super enthusiastic about things like my uterus lining or my hormone profile, but somehow it makes me optimistic. Hang in there...
    The bacon sandwich + second servings story is cute.
    We will be thinking of you. July is just around the corner.

    1. Oh and I forgot to mention, Mark's numbers are also super classified here (apparently they had a case where a wife came in with a sample of someone else, with all the legal issues that ensued). So now, he has to bring his own stuff, he is checked every time with ID and birth date, and only HE will get the results (which are always normal / not normal unless you ask for a specific appointment with the doctor). If I would call, I would not get the numbers. I had a whole talk about it with them, I mean WE are there TOGETHER, it's not like we are separate patients, specially because the problem seems to be nowhere. So the paranoid / ID checking / we will only give semen analyses results to the husband is also a thing here.
      (Guess to prevent crazy stuff from happening).

  10. Enjoy your time away to regroup! Sounds like its well deserved and earnt.

  11. Enjoy your travel adventures! Sounds like an amazing trip going backpacking.

  12. Sadie! Your trip sounds AMAZING! I know you two will have a fantastic time. Fingers crossed all around!!!

  13. Have an amazing time!!!

    Here's all the Finnish I know:

    MEE-na RA-ka-STAN sih-NO-a = I love you

    MEE-na kai-PAN sih-NO-a = I miss you


  14. I'm very late to the party here, but just wanted to say bon voyage (and now, late that I am, let me amend that to - hope you're having a fabulous adventure and that you AND your ovaries are enjoying yourselves). So yeah. Rest, play, adventure and forget about all this stuff for now :)

  15. Maybe it's better not to get his SA numbers. You'd just over-analyze online, right? Still weird though. Enjoy your well-deserved holiday!

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